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Author page: Jesper Bo Henriksen

Jesper Bo Henriksen

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foredragsholder dansk arbejdskultur

Danish “freedom with responsibility” can be misunderstood by internationals – Børsen Ledelse

One common aspect of Danish working culture is “freedom with responsibility”. A Danish boss outlines a project with goals and timelines, supplies a budget and other resources, and then steps back and expects her team to run with the ball. She won’t demand constant milestones, expect to be cc’d on every email, or deliver ongoing feedback.…

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amerikansk gæsteforelæser

“Starting a job in the Danish workplace can be hard for foreigners” – Danish regional newspaper network

Starting a job in a Danish workplace isn’t always easy for newcomers, but Kay Xander Mellish has a few tips to make it easier, she tells the Danish regional newspaper network. For example, you should be ready to challenge your boss, admit your mistakes as soon as you make them, and deal with Danish humor.  Read the…

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Amerikansk oplægsholder Kay Xander Mellish

“No one told me how important it is to eat cake in the office” – Femina

"No one told me how important it is to eat cake in the office", Kay Xander Mellish told the Danish women's magazine Femina about learning to understand Danish workplace culture. Read the full article here.   "Ingen havde fortalt mig, hvor vigtigt det er at spise kage på en arbejdsplads," siger amerikansk oplægsholder Kay Xander Mellish til Femina. For…

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