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In the Media

Kay Xander Mellish, an expert on Danish working culture and the experiences of internationals working in Denmark, frequently appears in the media in both Danish and English. If you are a journalist and would like to use Kay as a source, contact her using our contact form.

amerikansk gæstetaler Kay Xander Mellish
“Ask for help when you need it” – Sondag Magazine
“Danes don’t want to impose or invade your privacy, so it’s important that a newcomer ask for help if they need it. If you ask, the Danes will be happy to help.”  Denmark's "Sondag" magazine's interview with Kay Xander Mellish. Read the full article here. "Danskerne vil helst ikke trænge sig på, så de tilbyder sjældent deres hjælp…
Amerikansk oplægsholder Kay Xander Mellish
“No one told me how important it is to eat cake in the office” – Femina
"No one told me how important it is to eat cake in the office", Kay Xander Mellish told the Danish women's magazine Femina about learning to understand Danish workplace culture. Read the full article here.   "Ingen havde fortalt mig, hvor vigtigt det er at spise kage på en arbejdsplads," siger amerikansk oplægsholder Kay Xander Mellish til Femina. For…