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Tips on Working in Denmark

Danish bosses door open
Danish bosses: What do they mean when they say “My door is always open?
"My door is always open." It seems like something every Danish boss says, whether it's during a job interview, on the first day at work, or at a feedback meeting when things are going well... or not so well. But what does it really mean? In some working cultures, bosses who say that their…
Do you have to speak Danish to work in Denmark
Do you have to learn Danish to work in Denmark?
People interested in coming to Denmark for work often ask, "Do you have to learn Danish to work in Denmark?" The answer is no - in some cases. If you are an IT specialist or an engineer, finding an all-English speaking environment in Denmark won't be difficult. Danish companies that specialize in technology…
working in Copenhagen Eric Hwang
Working in Copenhagen – the first five things to know
Working in Copenhagen is a dream for many people - the Danish capital is often described as one of the best places in the world to live and work. Assuming you've arranged for a working visa, here are five things to remember if you're planning to move to Copenhagen for work. Renting an apartment is…
Working hours in Denmark
Working hours in Denmark: Is it true that everyone goes home at 4pm?
Danish working culture offers some of the best work-life balance in the world, and many people who work elsewhere envy the working hours in Denmark. The work week is generally 37.5 hours for people employed by companies, a figure that is set in the regular negotiations between employee unions and employer unions. (Wages are also…