how to work in denmark ukrainian Як працювати в Данії

Download the Ukrainian version of “How to Work in Denmark”

This translation of “How to Work in Denmark” into Ukrainian has been published as a free service to the 42,000 Ukrainians in Denmark, including those who are recently arrived. Many are looking for work in Denmark, while others have internships or initial jobs in Denmark, but not everyone knows the ins and outs of the Danish labor market.

This book describes the Danish way of finding a job and doing well in a job interview, and what types of job benefits you can expect if you are hired.

It goes into how to network in Denmark, why joining a union can be useful even for knowledge workers, and what your Danish boss expects from you.

The book also addresses topics like what to wear to work in Denmark, how to socialize with your Danish colleagues, and whether you need to give gifts to your boss or co-workers.

“How to Work in Denmark: Ukrainian version” was translated by volunteers and is free to download. You are encouraged to share it with anyone who could benefit from it.

Download the Ukrainian version as a PDF here.

The original English-language version is available here.

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